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Misumi-MBJ Ball Cage


Misumi-MBJ Ball Cage

Product No.:Misumi MBJ Ball Cage

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Misumi-MBJ Ball Cage
We Offer many types of Ball cage,ball retainer,Such as MISUMI,FIBRO,DME, Can also make as customer drawings
Ball cage run between Guide pins and Bush. our ball cage with high precsion Ball, HRC58-60
If you need is standard type, tell us the standard code and size, we will make as standards.
with same quality ,but much cheaper price ,can save cost for you, help you be more competitive.

Pls Email us what kind of standard you need.
ball cage and ball retainer

we can make all kinds of standards Such as:
Misumi / Hasco / D-M-E / Strack and so on welcome coming to visit our factory

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